Shannon Kingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman Net Worth, Career, Source of Income and Bio

What is Shannon Klingman Net Worth?  Shannon Klingman is a successful and famous doctor who is also an entrepreneur. Although, unlike her medical profession, she’s well recognized in the entrepreneurial world.

She is the founder of Klingman Group, and she’s also a gynecologist and obstetrician in Minnetonka.

Shannon attended Wayne State University, and since then, she has had 25 years of experience in the medical field.

In this article, we will delve into Shannon’s biography, early life and education, career, net worth, relationship, and source of income.

Profile Summary

  • Shannon Klingman
  • Date of birth: January 1970
  • Place of Birth: Minnesota
  • Religion : Christianity
  • Nationality: American
  • Current residence: Carver, Chaska.
  • Net worth: $100 Million
Shannon Klingman Net Worth
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Early Life and Education

Shannon Klingman was born in Minnesota in January 1970. From the onset, she was considered intelligent and smart; her brilliance prompted her decision to become a doctor.

After her elementary and high school education, she proceeded to the University of Minnesota, a medical school, and thereafter acquired a degree from Wayne State University.

Though she had a degree from a reputable university, upon graduation, she worked as a product developer for numerous organizations.

Her involvement in medical technologies contributed to her fame to date. She also discovered “Enigma Diagnostics when she was working with a women’s health clinic, where she also underwent the PapGene Test.

Shannon grew up in Illinois, where her childhood years were spent on her family’s farm. She learned to make handmade soap from her father, who was already in the business for years.

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Before what she had learned from her father, she decided to learn more and make an income from it. Shannon is the owner and CEO of Lume Deodorant, LLC.

Her rank as an investor in America made her investment gain rounds across real estate, technology, and venture capital.

Her profession as a doctor also paved the way for her, upon her graduation, she started working as a product developer in numerous organizations.

Also, she got involved in medical technologies and worked with women’s health clinics, where she was based on the detection of cervical cancer and finally progressed to the PapGene Test.

Shannon was featured in the “9th season of Shark Tank”. Shark Tank was greatly impressed by her passion and knowledge of her business.

Her company, Lume Deodorant, produces organic and natural products that help to maintain skin beauty.

Right in the popular TV show, Shark Tank, Kevin O, Leary strikes a 175k of 25% equity with her. However, after she did a background check on him and discovered that Leary on past investments, she rejected his offer. Presently, she’s doing extremely well in her business.

Shannon Klingman’s career as an investor started at Goldman Sachs. Her investment includes undertaking capital, technology, and real estate.

Presently, she’s making a good income through this. Additionally, she is a famous philanthropist. Her appearance on Shark Tank and meeting with Barbara Corcoran got her an investment of about $250,000, which paved the way for her to expand her business.

Shannon’s Lume Deodorant, LLC company’s success has fetched her popularity and wealth, and the satisfactory remarks from customers have made her company sought after.

Also, her risk-taking nature: investing more in marketing campaigns has put her company in front of other challengers.

Source of Income

Shannon Klingman is the CEO of Lume Deodorant, LLC. A deodorant company is known for providing all the necessary deodorants for the whole body.

Her work with numerous product developers in several companies serves as an additional advantage to her.

Also, her profession as a doctor has given her many opportunities and fame.


Presently, Shannon Klingman is happily married to a man called Evan Griffiths with whom she has 3 kids: 2 girls and 1 boy, namely 12 years old, Benett, 5yrs old, Julia, and 4yrs old, Jonah.

She lives happily with her family in Minnesota. She Says “We Finished our days by making delicious dinner and baking.

We play with our kids and enjoy every moment in my nest”. Her ability to maintain an admirable personal life despite her career is top-notch.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

We have estimated Shannon Klingman net worth to be $100 million.

Conclusively, the passion of Dr. Shannon cannot be ignored. She didn’t stop at her profession; she was determined to make more money and fame for herself.

She is undoubtedly an inspiration to upcoming professionals and entrepreneurs.

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