Luke Belmar Net Worth, Career, Source of Income, and biography

Luke Belmar is a 25-year-old Miami-beach-based investor and entrepreneur who is prominent for his feats in crypto investments and the online space.

He was born in Argentina in 1998, but later migrated to the United States at the age of 16.

Luke Belmar is an investor, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and influencer who’s also the president and co-founder of the Capital Club.

In this article, we’ll uncover the notable story and journey of Luke Belmar’s personal and financial journey, which is a testament to his overall net worth. Continue reading to learn more.

Profile summary

  • Name: Luke Belmar
  • Date of birth: 1998
  • Place of birth: Argentina
  • Current residence: Miami Beach,
  • United States of America
  • Religion: Islam
  • Nationality: Argentinian
  • Net worth:$10-15million
Photo Credit: @LukeBelmar: Instagram

Early life and education

Luke Belmar was born in Argentina in 1998 to his parents. His enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit made him migrate to the United States at the age of 16, with no hope of a job or accommodation but only $200 and a briefcase to his name.

He encountered and experienced challenges and faced difficulties in the early years of his stay in the US, including understanding a new language and adjusting to a new culture.

Luke Belmar was left with no option but to settle for odd jobs: pressure washing basketball courts, cleaning toilets, and even door-to-door sales.

He saved up enough money and enrolled in the university, but later dropped out because he refused to conform to societal norms and believed the traditional education system didn’t prepare him for the real life he wanted.

He got a job afterwards, which he later quit after making money from running Facebook ads for companies and resolving to become his own boss.

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Luke Belmar’s career journey began when he left his home country for the US with just $200 and a suitcase. He was a career- and purpose-driven individual who was determined to make his goals and dreams a reality, with a growth mindset and development strategies.

He started various menial jobs, including washing basketball courts, cleaning toilets, and even door-to-door sales, to raise money.

Luke Belmar proceeded to the university after raising enough funds, but later dropped out because he believed the traditional educational system didn’t prepare him for real life and wanted to pursue his dreams on his own.

Luke later got jobs, which he quit, choosing a part in digital marketing as a Facebook ad specialist for an ad agency, where he honed his skills and successfully raised many businesses to eight figures.

He resolved to become his own boss and established his own firm, where he provided his services to businesses in need of improving their web presence.

Luke Belmar delved into the ever-growing cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, investing in various digital assets, including Bitcoin and NFTs,which generated massive returns on investment.

Though faced with challenges and difficulties, Luke Belmar’s determination and resilience were catalysts that elevated his vast wealth accumulation.

He also ventured into the e-commerce business in 2016 and real estate. Luke Belmar became popular through his YouTube channel and podcast, where he shares videos about dropshipping and making money online.

He is the president and co-founder of Capital Club 12, a network of influencers and celebrities who come together for the purpose of building, multiplying, and preserving wealth with a view to transforming it into a decentralized entrepreneurial network.

He is also a coach, writer, and social media personality, which has proven beyond reasonable doubt that making money online is possible.

Photo Credit: @LukeBelmar: Instagram

Source of income

Luke Belmar is a smart and strategic investor with potential for growth in wealth accumulation due to his investment in the ever-growing digital market.

His various investment platforms, including real estate, crypto, digital assets like NFT’s, and e-commerce, fetch him great wealth in millions of dollars, which is a testament to his net worth of over 10 million dollars.

Luke Belmar also runs a YouTube channel and a podcast where he dishes out value to aspiring entrepreneurs with a growth mindset in order to build wealth.

As a coach and writer, he also earns from massive book sales. He also earns from consulting and YouTube royalties from his YouTube channel.


Luke Belmar has kept much information about his family private, but he has mentioned his brother, Nate Belmar, who is also an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast.

Luke Burma is currently single, and it is obvious that he wants to focus maximum attention on his career and wealth building, which he revealed in one of his videos, saying that he is dating his career.

He has traveled across different countries, such as the UAE, England, the Netherlands, etc. He shares a good relationship with many famous personalities, including Tristan and Andrew Tate, controversial figures famous for expressing their opinions on topics like women, politics, religion, etc.

Luke Belmar has paid them a visit in Romania and has converted to Islam as a result of their inspiration.

Luke Belmar Net Worth

Luke Belmar’s net worth has been estimated to be about $10–15 million. His vast investment and various streams of income as an entrepreneur, investor, and influencer earn him steady income, a revealer to controversies and criticisms about the legitimacy of his source of wealth.

Luke Belmar’s net worth is believed to potentially exceed the current one because of the nature of the ever-growing digital market in which he invests.

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