Justin Waller Net Worth, Career, Source of Income and Bio

Justin Waller was born and grew up in Texas. Right from time, he has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and construction.

His career in the construction industry kicked off after he had completed his education, and it rose to the ranks in 2012.

Justin Waller founded RedIron Construction company which explains his visionary leadership and innovative approach when it comes to business.

Presently, he has grown the company’s revenue to over $100 million over the years. His exceptional business success has earned him a reputation as well as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

He is known to be a successful entrepreneur, an investor, and the CEO of RedIron Construction, his company is specialized in industrial and commercial projects.

This blog post looks into Justin Weller’s financial journey, examining the significant events that have added to his overall net worth.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how much money goes into Justin Weller’s success, keep reading as we reveal the fascinating financial background of Too Justin Weller net worth.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Justin Weller
  • Date of Birth : 12th December, 1970
  • Place Of Birth: Louisiana, United States.
  • Current residence: United States of America.
  • Net worth: 10 million dollars.
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Nationality: American
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Early Life and Education

Justin Waller was born in 1970 in Louisiana, United States into an American family considered to be well settled.

He is a loving child to his parents, however, he has decided to keep the identity of his parents, siblings, and relatives from the media as all their pictures are kept away from the media’s reach.

Following a source, his father is a businessman while his mother is a homemaker.

His parents are however in full support of his profession. He is a well-known project manager, cost analyst, internet personality, real estate investor as well as a public figure.

He had a great interest in sports especially football when he was in college, he pursued his education diligently without neglecting his interest in sport.

Justin Waller started his career in the construction industry after graduation and eventually established his industry.

Justin graduated from Denham Springs High School, he proceeded to the University of Louisiana between 2005 – 2009 where he obtained a  degree in Bachelor of Business and Science in construction management.

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Justin Waller started his career as a construction laborer at Phil Cawthon from August 1999 till January 2009.

He also worked at Harbor Freight Tools in May 2003 as a sales representative and cashier but quit in August 2005. Afterward, he proceeded to work at Austin Bridge and Road for five months as a traffic controller.

From August 1999 through January 2009, he worked as a construction laborer at Phil Cawthon. In addition, in May 2003, he worked as a Sales Representative and Cashier at Harbor Freight Tools.

In August 2005, he departed this job. Justin then spent five months as a traffic controller at Austin Bridge & Road.

After this, he worked at Cajun Industries, LLC for 6 months as a cost analyst, there, he worked with the Area Superintendent and Quality Control in tracking the activities happening in the area.

Photo Credit: @justinwinwaller7: Instagram

Afterwards, in January 2011, he worked as a Construction Manager and Estimator.

Waller became an owner of RedIron Construction Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area in March 2011.

He is also the owner of two YouTube channels which he uses to upload his experience videos for his students.

He is also well known for giving online seminars and classes.

Source of Income

Justin’s primary source of income has been his career. His role at Redlron as the CEO generates him funds.

He is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, cost analyst, and project manager. He earns a reasonable income from his businesses, online classes, seminars, his two YouTube channels, etc.

He also makes an extra income from brand endorsements, collaboration, scholarships, etc.  He lives a comfortable life with his family in his luxury mansion. He also has many luxury cars.


As much as Justin Waller is known to be a married man, he didn’t disclose the identity of his wife. He is known for maintaining a low profile when it comes to his personal life.

Although there are rumors about his relationships, he has managed to keep his personal life from the prying eyes of the media.

However, this privacy has helped him focus more on his career.

Justin Waller Net Worth

Justin Waller’s net worth is estimated at approx. 10 million dollars. Justin Waller’s life and career have demonstrated dedication, excellence, and passion for finance.

From his early years and stellar educational background to his impressive career achievements and substantial net worth, Waller has never failed to demonstrate his ability to excel in the world of finance.

While he remains a private individual in his personal life, his professional success speaks volumes about his expertise and commitment to the field.

Justin Waller’s story serves as an encouragement to aspiring finance professionals and entrepreneurs alike, showcasing what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

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