Scar Lip Net Worth

Scar Lip Net Worth, Career, Source of Income, and Bio

What is Scar Lip net worth? You may probably not have heard of this personality yet,  but she’s one great individual to the new generation.

Scar Lip is an American-based TikTok influencer and musician popularly known for her style of music, which is rap.

In this piece, you’ll learn more about Scar Lip, one of the youngsters in today’s world who are paving waves in the music industry with their great skills and talents.

That said,  let’s get started to find out what’s unique about this individual, shall we?

Profile Summary

  • Name: Sierra Lewis
  • Profession: Rapper, Singer (Musician)
  • Date of Birth: 12/December/2000 (now 22 years old)
  • Birth Place: Bronx, New York,  United States (USA)
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Net Worth: $500,000
Scar Lip Net Worth
Photo Credit: @Scar_Lip: Instagram

Early Life and Education

Sierra Lewis, popularly known as Scar Lip, was born into an American family on 12 December 2000 (now 22 years old) in the Bronx, New York,  United States.

She’s of a mixed ethnicity since her biological father is a Nigerian, whereas her mother is American.  We only have a little information concerning her biography,  early life, and family background.

At the tender age of 12, while growing up as a young girl,  Sierra Lewis, also known as Scar Lip, lost her mom.

According to her, she doesn’t have a good relationship with her dad as she recalls that her dad only married her mom to become a citizen of the US.

However,  it is believed that her father got married to another woman after the death of his first wife, which may have contributed to the breach in his relationship with his daughter.

Sierra Lewis happens to have a younger brother whose name is yet to be known.  She also shared that she had two step-siblings. Unfortunately, one of them passed away even before she was born.

While details concerning her educational background are currently unavailable, she has completed her high school graduation and may likely further her academic career.

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Growing up as a little child,  Scar Lip recalled that she had a great love for music and spent most of her time listening to songs from popular musicians at the time.

In an interview,  she revealed that DMX influenced her career path in becoming a rapper and that she has always been a huge fan of the musician right from her days as a child.

Before becoming a hitmaker,  Sierra used to upload short videos of her rap freestyles on social media, gaining support from the few followers she had at the time.

Fast forward to 2018, at the age of 17, she had officially begun her music journey as a singer and a rapper.  The next year,  she uploaded a video for her music titled “Therapy.”

That same year,  she also uploaded another song video titled “Foster Care” to her YouTube Channel, which both garnered thousands of views.

She kept on being consistent in uploading her music videos, and this, of course, made her gain massive support and visibility in the period of a short time.

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, she released two singles titled “Suicide Awareness” and “Loose Control.” Both songs are some of her best songs released since she came into the limelight.

However, despite her videos gaining visibility and positive acclaim, her biggest hit didn’t come until 2023, when she released her single “This is New York.”

The music, to date, has done incredibly well, with more than 3.5 million views on YouTube and nearly 1 million streams on Spotify.


Scar Lip’s music career has recorded an impressive number of released music even as a stand-alone artist in the industry.  Here is a list of her songs to date:

  • No Statements – (2023)
  • This is New York – (2023)
  • This is Cali ft Snoop Dogg – (2023)
  • Glizzly Gobbler – (2022)
  • Monster – (2021)
  • Souls – (2021)
  • Loose Control – (2020)
  • Suicide Awareness – (2020)
  • Foster Care – (2020)
  • Therapy – (2019)

Source of Income

Scar Lip Net Worth
Photo Credit: @Scar_Lip: Instagram

As a social media influencer and musician, Scar Lip has several sources of income, including sponsorships,  streaming revenues, etc.

Like every other artist, whether local or international,  Scar Lip earns money from streaming platforms.

She gets paid whenever people pay to stream her music on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and lots more.  She also has a YouTube channel where she earns from uploading her music videos.

Her channel is monetized, so she can generate tens of thousands of dollars every month on the platform, which is a huge part of what contributes to her income.

Aside from that,  she is an influencer who works hand in hand with big brands due to her level of visibility on social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, where she has millions of followers.


Currently,  it is not yet confirmed whether Scar Lip is in a serious relationship or not.  For now,  she doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend, and she’s neither married.

Scar Lip is mostly focused on enhancing and building a name for herself in the industry and inspiring the new generation with her kind of music, which mostly revolves around topics like becoming a better you, racism, black lives, etc.

Scar Lip Net Worth

Scar Lip net worth is estimated to be worth around $500,000.  Her major source of income is music and sponsorships, as we said earlier.

As she continues to grow and gain popularity in the industry, her financial status is sure to swell in the coming years.

Social Media

Scar Lip is an active user of social media, and despite her fame, she hasn’t relented in entertaining and engaging with her fans and followers online.

She has massive followers on social media, especially on TikTok, where she got noticed and blew up as a musician. On the platform, she has over 2.2 million followers with more than 34 million likes.

Whereas on Instagram,  she has a total of about 696,000 followers. Her channel on YouTube boasts more than 15 million views and 173,000 subscribers.

She indeed has incredible numbers on social media, from Instagram to TikTok to YouTube.

Remember that the number of followers recorded for each of her social media platforms above is as of the time of writing this article.

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