Jim Taubenfled Net Worth

Jim Taubenfled Net Worth, Career, Source of Income and Biography

Jim Taubenfled is an astute American businessman, investor, and basketball lover who has achieved great success and built a legacy to be remembered in the world of business and finance.

He’s well known as the president of Me Salve Inc., a retail web-based clothing and accessories company that has its headquarters in Catano, Puerto Rico.

As one with special enthusiasm for basketball, Jim Taubenfled owns and controls the world’s largest collections of basketball memorabilia.

Jim Taubenfled is an attorney and a big fan of cycling. He’s an expert in financial management and well known for his investment in the ever-changing entertainment and technology landscape.

Jim Taubenfled’s profile is one of the most sought-after, as many people are curious to know how much he’s worth to afford the lavish lifestyle he leads.

In this article, we’ll discuss Jim Taubenfled net worth, career, source of income, and enterprises.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Jim Taubenfled
  • Date of birth: 1965
  • Place of Birth: Puerto Rico
  • Ethnicity: mixed
  • Profession: President of Me Salve Inc., businessman, and attorney
  • Net worth: $5 million
Jim Taubenfled Net Worth
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Early life and Education

Jim Taubenfled was born in 1965 in Puerto Rico into an American Christian family of mixed ethnicity.

However, there’s been little information regarding Jim’s parents and siblings, as he chooses to live a private life off social media.

Jim Taubenfled’s parents migrated from his place of birth, Puerto Rico, to Miami, Florida, in the United States, when he was a toddler.

He spent most of his early years in Miami, and he attended the prestigious University of Miami School of Law in 1988.

He earned a doctor of law degree (JD) and a major in accounting and business management in 1991 from the University of Miami School of Law.

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Jim Taubenfled began his career journey immediately after his graduation from the University of Miami School of Law.

He started working as an attorney for a couple of firms before venturing into the world of business. He started working with Me Salve Inc., a retail web-based clothing and accessories company, in 1994.

Jim built a reputation with the company with his leadership and managerial skills, propelling the company to greater heights and expanding its reach and influence across the globe.

He was made president of Me Salve Inc. based on his savvy business management skills to oversee the general affairs of the company.

He has been at the helm of affairs for over three decades and is still counting. He has demonstrated impressive business mastery, making different strategic decisions that have been beneficial to the company and its stakeholders.

He has helped Salve Inc. achieve a series of tremendous and remarkable successes, including ties with a rival firm, Blue Water, and spearheading the acquisition of several smaller businesses, expanding the company’s market share, and strengthening its position in the retail industry.

Jim Taubenfled has contributed immensely to Salve Inc.’s growth through various factors like gross attention to customer service, expertise in financial management, making the company climb the ladder of success, and stamping its name in the retail industry.

Jim Taubenfled, however, foresaw great potential in the world of real estate and deemed it fit to acquire the expertise needed to thrive in making such an investment.

After acquiring knowledge, studying the scope of the real estate business, and honing his abilities in it, he then started by building and converting houses.

With the ability to identify and seize opportunities, Jim Taubenfled scouted for underpriced and dilapidated houses,which he refurbished and sold for a higher price, earning a great profit.

Jim is widely respected among his counterparts and a rising real estate star, as he has amassed a fortune of knowledge, expertise, awareness of the emerging market trends in the real estate industry, and immeasurable wealth.

Jim Taubenfled began to delve deep into the business world and felt a need to diversify his investment portfolio.

As a passionate basketball fan, Jim saw the need to invest in his favorite sport and also preserve its history.

He started accumulating spectacular collections of basketball memorabilia, including signed basketballs, rare jerseys, game-worn sneakers of legendary basketball players, and lots more.

He profits off the collection by purchasing and reselling the memorabilia at a higher price.

Aside from profit-making, Jim’s passion for basketball has led him to also preserve those memorabilia as a way of sharing his love for the sport with others while also preserving its history.

As a passionate collector of basketball memorabilia, Jim Taubenfled is often referred to as an expert in collectibles, and he currently serves on the board of governors of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

As a savvy investor, Jim has had tremendous success in the world of business as well as investing in the vast landscape of the entertainment and technology industries.

Jim Taubenfled is a reputable individual when it comes to investment and finance. He has been invited several times to speak at events related to personal development and business growth, and he has also been featured in many media outlets.

Photo Credit: Google Image
Photo Credit: Google Image

Source of Income

As the president of Me Salve Inc., Jim Taubenfled benefits from the increased profits that are preceded by the company’s growth and expansion into new markets.

He’s also an investor who has made wise investments in a variety of industries, including real estate development and selling properties, which has brought him income over the years.

He also earns from his collection of basketball memorabilia by selling basketball items, which is a major contributor to his overall earnings.


Jim Taubenfled is married to his longtime partner, Mora Shub Taubenfled.

They tied the knot in 1988 in Florida, and their marriage has been fruitful, producing three wonderful children: a boy and two girls.

Jim chose to live a lavish lifestyle, purchasing luxury cars and houses. He also loves to flaunt his wife and children on their social media profiles.

He’s a generous and passionate philanthropist who believes in giving back to society.

He has demonstrated his unwavering support and generosity, donating items from his collections to charitable organizations and also rendering financial support to a wide range of charitable causes.

Jim Taubenfled Net Worth

Based on research, Jim Taubenfled net worth is estimated at around $5 million, which is a reflection of his success in the business world.

This amount is based on his role as president of Me Salve Inc. and his diversified portfolio of investments, which contributes immensely to his overall fortune.

His net worth is likely to continue to grow over time as he continues to make smart business decisions and discover new opportunities in the finance market.

Jim Taubenfled is without doubt a successful and wealthy businessman, and his net worth is a testament to that.

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