Nancy Isime Early Life, Career, Movies, and Relationship

Nancy Isime is one of the fastest-rising personalities in the Nigerian Entertainment industry. She’s a multi-talented individual who has ventured into nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry.

From TV presentations to acting in key roles in Nollywood,  to hosting some of Nigeria’s most popular shows,  to modeling, and what have you.

She’s one of the most successful and influential young women in Africa who can boast of having a hand in almost every field she finds herself in.  In this article,  we’ll delve to know more about who Nancy Isime is, shall we?

Profile Summary

  • Name: Nancy Isime
  • Net Worth: $1.5 Million
  • Profession: Actress, model, and media personality/Entertainment
  • Date of Birth: Born 17 December 1991
  • Place of Birth: Edo State,  Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital Status: Single
Photo Credit: @nancyisimeofficial: Instagram

Early Life and Education

Nancy Isime was born on 17 December 1991 (now age 31) in Edo State to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Isime.  Her mom died when she was only 5, so she didn’t experience much of a mother’s love.

She grew up staying with her father, who she described as a strict disciplinarian.

Although the media has it that she wasn’t the only child of her parents, her other siblings are yet to be known since most celebrities try to protect certain information from the public eye.

She had her senior secondary education in Benin City, and after that, she moved to Lagos State, where she had previously completed her primary and junior secondary education to obtain a diploma degree in Social Work at the University of Lagos

The Nollywood actress Nancy Isime also holds an honorary Doctorate in Arts and Philosophy from Prowess University, Delaware, United States.

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Nancy Isime has always had a nudge for fashion while growing up as a young girl in her home state living with her father. In 2009, at age 18, Nancy won the Miss Valentine International beauty pageant.

Winning her first-ever beauty pageant competition was just the beginning of her rise to fame as a model.

After that,  she began making a name for herself, working with big brands in the country like Konga Online,  House of Marie,  Shakara Couture, Ade Bakere, Zizi Cardow, Adebayo Jones, and others too numerous to mention.

Nancy Isime had always been known for her extraordinary modeling skills, but it was not until 2011 that she officially began her acting career.  However,  besides being an actress, Nancy is also a good presenter.

She has anchored several popular TV presentations, including The Squeeze, What’s Hot, and MTN Project Fame Season 7.

In 2019, she replaced Toke Makinwa as the presenter of a popular show on HipTV.  She also co-hosted the 2019 edition of the Headies with singer Reminisce.


Nancy Isime has been actively involved in about 40 film productions between 2015 to 2023. Here’s a list of her filmography:

  • Hex – (2015)
  • Tales of Eve – (2015)
  • On the Real – (2016)
  • A Trip to Jamaica – (2016)
  • Hire a Man – (2017)
  • Finding C.H.R.I.S – (2017)
  • The Surrogate – (2017)
  • Treachery – (2017)
  • Kanyamata
  • Tempted
  • Guilty
  • Kylie’s Quest
  • A Better Family – (2018)
  • Club – (2018)
  • Johnny Just Come – (2018)
  • Liars and Pretenders – (2018)
  • My Name is Ivy – (2018)
  • Sideways – (2018)
  • Disguise – (2018)
  • Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons – (2018)
  • Don’t get mad; get even – (2019)
  • Hire a Woman – (2019)
  • Adaife – (2019)
  • The Millions – (2019)
  • Beauty in the Broken – (2019)
  • Another Angle – (2019)
  • Merry Men 2 – (2019)
  • Levi – (2019)
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free – (2019)
  • Made in Heaven – (2019 film)
  • Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards – (2020)
  • Creepy Lives Here – (2021)
  • The Razz Guy – (2021)
  • The Silent Baron – (2021)
  • Superstar – (2021)
  • Blood Sisters – (2022)
  • She Must Be Obeyed – (2023)
  • The Set Up 2 – (2022)
  • Obara’m – (2022)
  • Shanty Town – (2023)
  • Source of Income

As a big name in the Nigerian Entertainment industry,  most fans are eager to know how she makes her money.

Nancy Isime’s main source of income is her work as a Television host and professional actress in Nollywood.

She has made several appearances in popular Nollywood movies like Shanty Town and Blood Sisters, garring millions of streams consecutively on movie streaming platforms, including Netflix and YouTube.

Photo Credit: @nancyisimeofficial: Instagram

She has also successfully hosted popular TV shows, such as the 2019 edition of The Headies, amongst many others.

In addition to her work in the Entertainment industry,  Nancy has built a net fortune of over $1.5 million through her social media presence and brand endorsement deals with MTN and other well-known brands.


Nancy Isime, like so many other celebrities, has a private lifestyle, and little is known about her personal life.  One of the most frequently asked questions fans ask concerns her marital status and partner.

Well, not too much is known about whether she’s in a private relationship or not,  but according to several sources,  Nancy is single and hasn’t openly shown off who she’s with.

However,  there are certain rumors of her dating someone. In one of her interviews,  the Nigerian actress revealed the kind of man she desires as her spec.

She mentioned that she never wants to date a broke man and prefers ambitious,  dynamic, and hardworking men.

While Nancy’s partner is yet to be known by the public,  you should disregard any false information concerning her relationship as she has not publicly confirmed who she’s dating.

Nancy Isime Net Worth

As of 2023, Nancy Isime is worth a whopping $1.5 million.

One thing for sure is that Nancy always displays her luxurious lifestyle online for her fans and followers to adore.

She is a proud owner of various high-maintenance vehicles like the Mercedes Benz GL63 4matic, worth over 35 million NGN, a 2018 BMW SUV worth about 40 million NGN, and a Toyota Camry, which is around 6 to 15 million NGN.

In 2018/2019, Nancy Isime took online to share pictures of her new apartment, which she had just bought in Lagos State, where she currently resides, although the worth of it is not known.

Two years later,  she took the internet by storm yet again when she gifted her dad a six-bedroom duplex as a celebration of her 31st birthday.

Social Media

Nancy Isime is an active social media user with millions of fans worldwide. This has also contributed immensely to her growth as she promotes her works on her social media handles, where she has a massive following.

You can follow Nancy Isime on Instagram @nancyisimeofficial, where she has over 5.3 million followers as of the time of writing this article.  However,  be wary of false identities and fake accounts.

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