Walter Bridgforth Jr. Net Worth

Walter Bridgforth Jr. Net Worth, Source of Income and Bio

Walter Bridgforth Jr. Biography

Walter Bridgforth Jr. is a name that resonates with success, resilience, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. His journey from the bustling city of Detroit to the pinnacle of business and personal achievement is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

Walter Bridgforth Jr. Net Worth


  • Full name: Walter Bridgforth Jr.
  • Date of birth: September 27, 1959
  • Age: 64 Years Old
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Real Estate Entrepreneur • Businessman
  • Spouse: Anita Baker
  • No. Of Children: 2
  • Net worth: N/A

Early Life & Education

Born on September 27, 1959, in Detroit, Michigan, Walter Bridgforth Jr. grew up in a city known for its rich musical heritage. His father, a pastor, and his mother, a piano teacher, instilled in him a deep appreciation for the arts. This early exposure to music and the arts would later influence his career choices and entrepreneurial ventures.

Walter’s educational journey took him to Western Michigan University, where he honed his skills and prepared for the challenges of the business world. His time at the university was marked by a commitment to excellence and a desire to make a mark in his chosen field.


After completing his education, Walter Bridgforth Jr. embarked on a career that would see him make significant contributions to various industries. He began his professional life at IBM, where he gained valuable experience in the corporate world. This experience laid the foundation for his future endeavors as an entrepreneur.

In 1997, Walter took a bold step and became the President of W.B.B.J Rental Properties. His company focused on bringing national, family-style restaurant chains to invest in Detroit, a city that he believed deserved more attention and development. His efforts paid off, and his company saw significant achievements due to decades of hard work.

Walter’s passion for music and the arts never waned, and he also worked on a few music and video chains, plentiful in the suburbs, to come back into the city. He developed a residential complex in Grosse Pointe Farms and became the first African-American to do so. The exclusive four-lot lakefront subdivision called Baker Lane Estates was named after his ex-wife, Anita Baker, a testament to his enduring respect for her.

Walter Bridgforth Jr. Net Worth

Personal Life

Walter Bridgforth Jr.’s personal life has been as eventful as his professional journey. He married soulful singer Anita Baker in 1988, and together they shared a love that transcended their professional lives. Although their marriage ended in divorce, it was a union that inspired him to establish the nonprofit Bridgforth Foundation, which provided financial aid to children for their education. They had two sons named Walter Baker Bridgforth (born January 1993) and Edward Carlton Bridgforth (born May 1994).

Today, Walter’s social media profiles depict a man who values family and personal connections. He often shares pictures of himself and his family, showcasing the importance of these relationships in his life.

Net Worth & Source of Income

While exact figures of Walter Bridgforth Jr.’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, it is evident that his successful career and entrepreneurial ventures have contributed significantly to his financial standing. His investments in real estate and his role in attracting businesses to Detroit are primary sources of his income.

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