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Popcorn Sutton Net Worth, Business, Death and Biography

What is Popcorn Sutton net worth? Popcorn Sutton net worth was $10 million when he died. He acquired a fortune via moonshining, which is the unlawful manufacturing of alcohol. He was featured in “Moonshiners,” a Discovery Channel documentary.

Popcorn Sutton was a third-generation moonshiner. He began manufacturing moonshine when he was only a teenager. He continued to produce moonshine throughout his lifetime. He got arrested multiple times for moonshine.

Popcorn Sutton produced some of the best moonshine in the world. He was known for making high-quality moonshine and maturing it in oak barrels. His moonshine became so popular that he began selling it commercially.

Popcorn Sutton’s net wealth skyrocketed after he began selling his moonshine commercially. He was able to sell his moonshine for $100 a gallon. He was also able to resell his moonshine online.

Popcorn Sutton’s net worth enabled him to lead a pleasant lifestyle. He owned a beautiful house and a wonderful car. He was also able to visit several nations.

Popcorn Sutton’s net worth dropped after he was convicted of tax dodging. He was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment. He was freed from prison in 2009 and died soon after.

popcorn sutton net worth
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Early Life And Background

Popcorn Sutton was born on October 5, 1946, in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, an area rich in Appalachian Mountain customs. Sutton was raised in a town where moonshining was not simply an occupation but a way of life, so he was involved in it from a young age.

The talent for making clandestine booze was passed down through generations in his family, laying the groundwork for his future career.

Sutton’s early existence was shaped by the rough and frequently difficult surroundings of rural Appalachia.

This milieu had a huge impact on his character and work ethic. Despite the remoteness and economic challenges that were widespread in the area, he grew up with a strong sense of community and a shared knowledge of moonshining.

Sutton’s educational background was low. His official education was minimal, but he had extensive knowledge of the country and the practical abilities required for survival in the highlands. These abilities included moonshining as well as hunting, fishing, and farming, which were all necessary for existence in Maggie Valley at the time.

Sutton developed an early interest in the process of creating moonshine. He acquired the trade from relatives and village elders, who passed down ancient practices that had been refined over centuries.

This apprenticeship taught them not only the technical parts of distilling but also the importance of respecting the legal limitations and maintaining secrecy in their trade.

His family and neighborhood had a significant influence on him. Sutton’s father and grandparents were also known to be accomplished moonshiners, and their legacy influenced his desire to follow in their footsteps.

This familial link to moonshining was more than just carrying on a family legacy; it was also a means of survival and upholding a cultural practice that was important to the Appalachian identity.

Popcorn Sutton’s early life and upbringing paved the way for his future success as a moonshiner. His youth in Maggie Valley, steeped in Appalachian traditions and the technique of illicit booze production, helped shape the man he would become.

This foundation, based on family legacy, community wisdom, and a strong connection to the land, fueled Sutton’s foray into the world of moonshine, laying the groundwork for his complicated and intriguing life narrative.

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Popcorn Sutton Sources of Income

Popcorn Sutton’s sources of income were as intriguing as his personality, beginning with his moonshining business and subsequently expanding to include media and products. Here’s a detailed look at his multiple income streams:


Sutton’s principal source of income for most of his life was the production and sale of moonshine. Despite its illegality, moonshining was a profitable business, especially considering Sutton’s reputation for producing high-quality goods. He was noted for adopting traditional procedures and formulas, which distinguished his moonshine and possibly led to higher prices.

Sutton made money by selling his distilling equipment and recipes, in addition to the moonshine itself. His famous expertise and reputation in the moonshining world made these goods very desirable.

Media Appearances and Documentaries

Later in life, Sutton supplemented his income by appearing in documentaries and other media projects. These appearances paid directly and boosted his profile and reputation, indirectly benefiting his other income streams.

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Book Sales

Sutton wrote an autobiography called “Me and My Likker,” which described his life and adventures as a moonshiner. The sales of this popular book supplied him with an additional source of money.

Merchandising and branding

Sutton used his celebrity to launch a merchandising business. He offered branded items such as hats, shirts, and other souvenirs, capitalizing on his increasing fan following and the general fascination with moonshine culture.

Popcorn Sutton Whiskey Business

Popcorn Sutton’s Whiskey has been producing and selling small-batch moonshine since the early 2000s. Popcorn Sutton, a famed moonshiner from the Appalachian Mountains, founded the enterprise.

The company has progressively expanded over the years and currently sells a variety of whiskeys, including white whiskey, apple pie moonshine, and barrel-aged whiskey.

Popcorn whiskey is produced with high-quality ingredients and matured in oak barrels, resulting in a smooth and delicious spirit. Popcorn Sutton’s Whiskey not only provides high-quality spirits, but it also allows you to connect with Appalachia’s rich cultural past.

The company adheres to Popcorn’s original goal and is dedicated to employing only the finest ingredients and craftsmanship.

How did Popcorn Sutton die?

Sutton’s story is terrible. He was a notorious moonshiner and bootlegger in the industry since the 1950s. In 2009, he was convicted of moonshining and unlawful handgun possession and was sentenced to federal prison. Instead, he chose suicide, passing away at the age of 62 due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Following his death, a new company was founded to celebrate his memory and legacy. The company manufactures a variety of Sutton-branded moonshine, spirits, and other related products.

His life and death represent the risks and sacrifices undertaken by people in the moonshining industry. It demonstrates Sutton’s enduring significance and unique place in American culture.

Popcorn died in 2009, but his son Solomon continued his father’s tradition. Despite Popcorn’s death, his son Solomon works to carry on his legacy.

He has continued to manufacture moonshine with the same formulas and techniques that Popcorn employed. He also attempts to keep Popcorn’s memory alive by visiting events and speaking with others about his father’s life and work.

Popcorn Sutton Net Worth

Popcorn Sutton net worth when he died in 2009 was believed to be around $10 million

This figure reflected the value of his property and assets, such as his house, car, and moonshine stills.

It’s worth noting, however, that Popcorn Sutton’s moonshine company was not known to be particularly profitable.

He was frequently caught moonshining and served time in prison, which presumably limited his capacity to build a fortune.

Despite his low net worth, Popcorn Sutton was a popular character in the moonshining world. He was well-known for his moonshine skills and lively personality.

He was also the subject of the documentary film “The Last Run: Popcorn Sutton,” which helped enhance his profile and solidify his place in moonshining history.

In summation, Popcorn Sutton net worth was modest, but his reputation as a moonshiner and bootlegger lives on. He was a true Appalachian icon, and his story still fascinates and inspires people today.

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