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Michelle Jackson Net Worth, Source of Income and Bio

Michelle Jackson Biography

Michelle Jackson (born October 17, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter, and fashion model.

She is a leading UK-based brand Influencer who has worked with several leading fashion brands across the globe. Michelle Jackson is also famous for being the ex-wife of Afrobeats icon Don Jazzy.

Michelle Jackson Net Worth


  • Full Name: Michelle Jackson
  • Stage Name: Yarnstaswitch
  • Born: 17 October 1980 (age 43 years old)
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Nationality: American, British
  • Education: Graduate
  • Height: 1.65 m
  • Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Jackson
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Spouse: Don Jazzy (m. 2001-2003)
  • Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
  • Children: 1
  • Occupation: Singer • Model
  • Net Worth: $500,000-$800,000 (USD)

Early Life

Michelle Jackson was born at a public medical centre in the United States during the early 80s, precisely on October 17, 1980, as the cherished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. Although her roots firmly planted her as an American, she also holds British citizenship, adding a transatlantic flair to her identity.

Her upbringing unfolded in a middle-class neighbourhood, nurtured by her devoted parents. As a Black-American, Michelle spent her formative years immersed in the vibrant culture of the United States. However, during her adolescence, her family embarked on a journey across the pond, settling in the bustling city of London, England.

In both nations, Michelle Jackson‘s upbringing remained rooted in Christian values, a testament to her parents’ dedication. They toiled tirelessly to provide her with every opportunity, instilling in her the significance of integrity and virtue.

From a tender age, Michelle‘s passion for the arts burned brightly. As a teenager, she translated her emotions into melodies, crafting original songs and covering beloved tunes. Her stage presence dazzled in school musicals and local talent competitions, where she showcased her budding talent with fervour. With dreams as lofty as the sky, Michelle set her sights on a future adorned with stardom in the music industry.


Michelle Jackson was educated at top schools in the United States for her elementary and middle school education.

For her high school education, she studied at a leading secondary school in the United Kingdom. She scored good grades in her O’Levels and A’Levels exams. However, upon earning her A’Levels, Michelle decided not to pursue a university education. Instead, she planned on going into music full-time.


After acing her A’Levels exams, Michelle Jackson made a pivotal decision to dive headfirst into the world of music professionally. Stepping into the music scene in her late teens, she dedicated countless hours to perfecting her craft within the studio, fine-tuning her sound to resonate with her audience’s hearts. Michelle took on a blue-collar job to sustain herself financially, balancing her passion with practicality to cover her expenses.

As her melodies began to weave their way into the local airwaves, Michelle‘s career gained momentum, capturing the attention of an ever-growing fan base. Tirelessly promoting her music and engaging with fans, she graced stages across the United Kingdom, her performances electrifying crowds in clubs and events.

During this journey, Michelle Jackson crossed paths with another musical talent, Michael Collins Ajereh, known as Don Jazzy. Bonding over their shared love for music, their friendship blossomed, enriching their artistic endeavours.

A pivotal moment arrived when Michelle welcomed her son, prompting a temporary hiatus from the music scene to focus on motherhood. Yet, her entrepreneurial spirit remained undaunted. Venturing into the beauty industry as a nail technician, she swiftly garnered a loyal clientele. Later, she expanded her horizons to the fashion realm and established herself as a sought-after plus-size model.

Embracing her newfound status as a fashion icon, Michelle Jackson‘s influence reverberated across social media platforms, propelling her into the role of a brand influencer and, eventually, a Fashion Ambassador. She collaborated with renowned brands worldwide and became a beacon of style and empowerment.

But the call of music never waned. Returning to her roots, Michelle resumed her musical journey, captivating audiences with her Afro-fusion tunes and lending her songwriting prowess to industry heavyweights. Her impact did not go unnoticed, culminating in a prestigious award at the 13th Diamond Special Recognition Awards in September 2023.

Personal Life

Michelle Jackson is a very attractive woman blessed with ravishing beauty. She is considered one of the sexiest female music stars in the UK music industry. She celebrates her birthday on the 17th of October annually and is currently 43 years old.

Michelle made international headlines in April 2021 after Don Jazzy, a leading Afrobeats icon, revealed that he was once married to the delightful singer. Don Jazzy, a music producer and founder of Mavin Records, is one of the top voices in the African music industry. So, when the record label boss posted the news on social media, it surprised the world. No one had imagined that Don Jazzy had been once married to Michelle Jackson.

According to Don Jazzy, the duo fell in love at a young age. It didn’t matter to the couple that Michelle was two years older. The duo got married when Don Jazzy was 20 and Michelle was 22. They tied the knot at a private ceremony in 2001.

Regrettably, the union didn’t last long and ended when Don Jazzy was 22. According to Michelle, the marriage collapsed because, at the time, Don Jazzy was more focused on his music career. The award-winning music producer had spent most of his time in the studio making music and was earnestly pursuing his dream of breaking into the Nigerian music industry. This decision caused a rift between the couple, which grew so big that they had to part ways.

Nevertheless, the couple remains good friends and constantly communicates. Five years after her separation from Don Jazzy, Michelle Jackson gave birth to her son, who has grown into a teenager. Michelle‘s son turned thirteen on September 15, 2023. However, the identity of her son’s father is unknown. Michelle‘s current relationship is unknown, as the singer has been very tight-lipped about the topic.

Net Worth

Michelle Jackson has succeeded in building a small fortune off her music and fashion careers. She is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 to $800,000 (USD).

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