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Kitty O’Neil Net Worth, Career, Source of Income and Bio

Kitty O’Neil, popularly referred to as the fastest woman in the world, is a famous American stunt woman and actress.

At an early age, she suffered from diverse diseases and eventually became deaf after contracting smallpox. Despite this challenge, her stunt performance was not affected.

In this biography, we will be talking about Kitty O’Neil’s early life and education, career, net worth, relationships, and source of income.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Kitty O’Neil
  • Date of Birth: 24th March 1946
  • Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Cause of Death: Pneumonia
  • Net worth: $1-5 Million
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Early Life and Education

Kitty O’Neil was a known American stuntwoman and actress, she was born on 24 March 1946 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

Following reoccurring illnesses, she became deaf at an early age. Despite her health condition, she became a known Hollywood stunt driver and performer, while appearing in multiple movies and videos as a double stunt.

Her father was a member of the Army Air Forces in the USA before his death. Her father, John R. O’Neil, died in an accident, plane crash when Kitty was still a child.

Also, Kitty’s mother, Patsy Compton O’Neil taught her to lip-read following the tragedy of losing her hearing.

This led her mother to become a speech therapist and equally a co-founder in a school meant for visually impaired students.

At the age of 12, Neil joined a swimming team, following this development, she developed an interest in scuba diving.

She won a gold medal herself after taking the responsibility of a fill-in driver who didn’t show up. She also won an “AAU Southwest District Youth Meet” six months later.

Following her wins, her family moved to Anaheim, California, USA to get better training with Sammy Lee.

In her teenage years, she won Amateur Athletic Union diving championships after her engagement in a 10-meter platform and also a 3-meter springboard diver.

In 1962, Sammy Lee coached her before she embarked on the 1964 Olympics, unfortunately, she broke her wrist suffered spinal meningitis, and couldn’t walk, preventing her from landing a spot on the Olympics diving team.

In 1965, Kitty was among the contesters of 100m backstroke and 100m freestyle He competed in the 100 m backstroke and 100 m freestyle for the deaf.

However, upon her recovery from spinal meningitis, she gave up on scuba diving and engaged in water skiing, hang gliding, and skydiving, stating that diving “didn’t scare me enough”.

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In the 1970s, Kitty’s career as a stunt doubled for movies like “The Bionic Woman” and “The Wonder Woman”.

In addition to this Kitty remains the first woman to join “The Stunt Unlimited”, a known organization in Hollywood for the best stuntmen.

Neil began her career of racing on water and land in 1970. She was one of the participants in the “Baja 500” and “Mint 400”.

During her racing career, motorcycle racing specifically, she met with two stuntmen “0Hal Needham” and “Ron Hambleton”.

Following the meeting, she left racing for some time and lived with Hambleton. By mid-1970, she took up a job as a stuntman and started living with Needham, Hambleton, and Dar Robinson.

Neil successfully broke the record with a 180-foot (55m) fall from a helicopter.

She also set a women’s water speed with a record of 275 miles per hour (443km/hr) following her success and achievement, she organized a 1970’s women skiing record of 104.85 miles per hour.

Kitty O'Neil Net Worth
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In 1982, after the murder of her colleagues, while performing, Kitty moved away to Minneapolis with Michealson.

Thereafter, she moved to Eureka, South Dakota together with Raymond Wald. Kitty O’Neil had set 22 water and land records upon her retirement.

On 2nd November 2018, at 72 years old, Kitty died of pneumonia in Eureka, South Dakota.

Source of Income

Kitty’s primary source of income can be traced down to her career as a professional stuntwoman and her passion for motorsports.

Also, her career and roles in Hollywood fetched her recognition, fame, and wealth.

In addition to this, she recorded success in motorsports; she set water speed records and set land. This achievement provided her opportunities with contributed greatly to her income.


Kitty was married to Duffy Hambleton in 1972, who was born in 1937, a retired Hollywood stuntman as well as a film executive.

Duffy worked on a popular movie called “The Blue Brothers” and many others. Duffy was also a second unit director as well as a stuntman coordinator.

Although Kitty did not bring her relationship to the media before her passing because she lived a quiet and secretive life, rumor has it that she was married to Duffy and lived peacefully with him until he passed away in 2014.

Also, rumor has it that Neil did not have a child of her own before her death.

Kitty O’Neil Net Worth

Before Kitty’s diligence and determination, she was able to acquire wealth and fame for herself.

We have estimated Kitty O’Neil Net Worth to be between $1-5million.

Conclusively, although Kitty was faced with health challenges, she was determined and worked hard to earn herself popularity and a fulfilled purpose.

Her life is an inspiration to aspiring youth who are looking forward to being famous in the world of sport.

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