Eric Mays Net worth

Eric Mays Net Worth, Career, Source of Income, and Controversies

Eric Mays is a prominent American politician, entrepreneur, and investor who has made vast investments in various industries.

The 65-year-old politician is well known as the longest-serving member of the Flint City Council.

His display of unruly behavior and disorderly conduct, which is glaring for a council board member, has continued to stir internet sensation, which conversely works in his favor and earns him a huge fan base.

He made a major buzz in the internet news when he set up a GoFundMe campaign to settle legal costs following his court issues.

This has made his fans curious to know more about his net worth, source of income, and career information to know if he’s worthy of their donations.

If you’re one of those curious fans, then read on as we’ll delve into his net worth, source of income, career, and personal information in this article.

Profile summary

  • Name: Eric Mays
  • Date of birth: September 16, 1958
  • Place of birth: Flint, Michigan, USA
  • Profession: Politician, entrepreneur, and investor
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Net worth: Zero (previously $25 million)
Eric Mays Net worth
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Early Life and Education

Eric Mays, a Flint City councilman, was born on September 16, 1958, in Flint, Michigan, in the United States.

He was born into a black, Christian, middle-class family. His parents work hard to give him a better life and education.

He attended his primary and high school years at prestigious schools in Michigan. Eric furthered his studies at the University of Southern California in the United States.

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Eric Mays has played a major active role in Flint City politics for over a decade.

He was elected in 2013, and he won the election by eight votes over the other contestant, Anita Brown. He served on the Flint City Council in that post for four years.

In 2015, Eric took part in running for the position of Flint City mayor but was defeated in that election by his opponent. However, in 2021, he was elected as a city council member.

He was the finance committee chairman and council vice president for Flint City. He was later elected as the president of the Flint City Council.

However, Eric has displayed some sort of unruly behavior characterized by the use of profane words, explosive outbursts, and witty answers.

He uses swear words, impeding democracy and making comic and derogatory remarks about people’s physical appearance in a quite contemptuous way, which often results in multiple clashes and feuds with other members of the council during council meetings.

During his third term in service, police handcuffing Eric out of public meetings and making appearances in court became habitual.

He continues to engage in different fights, including dissing the journalist on the premises of the city council and also his bar fight with Mayor Sheldon Neeley, deputy chief of staff, which took place at the Flint Bar.

The issue was investigated by the Michigan State Police, and Eric was found guilty and convicted of disorderly conduct in March 2023.

He was sentenced to a 90-day jail term and a fine of $500,000 by the Flint City District Court Judge, Vikki Bayeh-Haley.

Eric’s controversial, obstinate, and aggressive demeanor made him popular on social media platforms, especially TikTok.

He became a viral internet sensation as he was the embodiment of “you got me messed,” one of his explosive outbursts, which fans find intriguing and use as voiceovers in videos.

Eric’s got a loyal fan base on TikTok among millennials and Gen Z, despite his disruptive and misorderly behavior, which has bagged him a series of arrests, convictions, and charges.

Eric was first suspended by the council until the first of September owing to his out-of-order behavior.

Following April 2022, council members voted to remove him from the meeting, but Eric refused to leave and was later handcuffed and arrested by the police.

Eric remains unrepentant and relentless, shifting blame on other council members as a catalyst for his behavior and claiming to fight the court and council’s decision.

He recently set up a GoFundMe campaign, following his court issues, as a way of sourcing funds to cover legal costs.

However, he was eventually impeached from the presidential position of flint council after numerous warning suspensions and appeals.

Aside from his political career, Eric Mays is an entrepreneur and investor who has made a significant impact in the world of business.

He invested in ever-growing industries like real estate, technology, and media.

Eric Mays Net worth
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Source of income

Eric Mays makes his money by investing in different industries, from media and technology to real estate and other ever-growing businesses.

Eric Mays is a politician who works for the Flint City Council. He also earns an annual  estimated salary of $25,000.


Eric Mays is happily married to his wife, Megan Ritchie, and their union has been blessed with wonderful kids.

He has participated in philanthropic work in the past, actively supporting his community, especially the Flint City district.

Eric Mays believes in being a voice for the voiceless and a politician that citizens can readily reach out to, with the aim of fighting for the rights of flint citizens.

But it seems Eric has taken the wrong approach to fighting for this belief, which often lands him in a mess.

Eric Mays Net worth

Eric Mays once had an estimated net worth of $25 million, which he earned from his salary as a politician and varied investment revenues.

Sadly, Eric’s financial status has taken a tragic turn, as he’s seriously in debt and has sold all his assets to settle court issues.

His current net worth is officially zero, as he has transformed from something to nothing, having more liabilities and no assets.

He recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to settle his outstanding court charges and debts and has been able to raise about $19,000 from his loyal social media fans.

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