Briana Hampton Net Worth

Briana Hampton Net Worth, Career, Source of Income, and Bio 

Briana Hampton, also known as Mrs. LaTruth, is an American businesswoman, fashion tycoon, and social media personality.  She is the wife of popular American rapper, songwriter, and actor King LaTruth and that’s where she got the name “Mrs. LaTruth.”

Some of her businesses include Klassy Queens, a brand for women’s wigs, and Mrs. LaTruth Boutique & Dance Studio, a clothing store and a one-of-a-kind studio.

Here in this article is everything you should know about Briana Hampton net worth, as well as other informations.

informationSo, without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with what we have for today. 

Profile Summary 

  • Name: Briana Hampton 
  • Profession: American Businesswoman, Writer, and Social Media Influencer 
  • Date of Birth: June 15, 1987
  • Birth Place: Rocky Mount, North Carolina,  United States 
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Net Worth: $1 million
Briana Hampton Net Worth
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Early Life & Education

Briana Hampton was born June 15, 1987, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States. She shares a strong bond with her family members, especially her mom, whom she calls her favorite.  Unfortunately,  she lost her mom to the cold hands of death in 2015.

Her mom reportedly died of cancer of the brain and bones. It was a tragic incident for Briana that almost shattered her life and dream because her mom was her heroine and major supporter. She had no choice but to put herself together and move on with life.

Aside from that, we do not have any other information related to her upbringing, childhood, or the rest of her family members.

Details about the rest of her family are still developing so we can’t tell at the moment, but we should update this section soon.

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At the age of 5, Briana moved with her mom to Southfield, Michigan, where she was raised. At such a tender age, she already had a thing for fashion and paved her way into modeling when she became a teen. Some years later Briana quickly gained recognition for her modeling skills.

Her rise to fame began when she began trying out new outfits and posting them on social media.  Some of her posts drew the attention of the public as they went viral and that was how she met her husband and they began acting in skits and posting online.

Briana recalled that the reason she began her Klassy Queens business was because of her mom.

According to her, Klassy Queens was inspired when her mom was diagnosed with cancer and it affected her hair. At the time, she tried several different types of wigs just to cover up her mom’s predicament.

For this reason, she decided to establish Klassy Queens, a premier line for women’s wigs, to help those battling with self-image or who think they may not be beautiful enough.

She is also the founder and owner of Mrs. LaTruth Boutique & Dance Studio, a brand born out of the desire for relaxation.

The idea behind her second establishment was to offer a place of comfort for women to relax while having a good time shopping around both during the day and at night.

That was why she included a boutique with a dance studio, which, to her, is something she hasn’t seen before elsewhere.

Furthermore, Mrs La Truth published her first book, “The Self-Love Journal.” The book’s content is to help encourage and inspire women to not only love themselves but also prioritize their growth journey.

Mrs. La Truth is known for her unwavering support for the women’s community and uses her platform to uplift females like herself.

Her greatest concern is that women stand their ground and are responsible for their own success in their respective careers.

Source of Income 

As a business tycoon, Briana Hampton has several income sources from which she gets her money. As we earlier stated, she has a clothing store and a premier line of wigs for women.

In addition to that, let’s not forget that Briana has a huge following on social media platforms, with over 895K followers on Instagram alone at the time of writing and more than 4 million followers on both TikTok and Facebook.

With such incredible numbers, it is possible that she may be a brand ambassador to some notable fashion brands since her area of specialty is  mainly fashion and beauty. 

With all honesty, she should be bagging hundreds of thousands of dollars for deals. 

Personal Life

The media has it that, as of 2016, Briana got engaged to her then-fiance Robert Hampton, a.k.a. King LaTruth, who is currently her husband.

Robert Hampton was born on June 15, 1987, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently 36 years old at the time of writing this post.

Robert is well-known as a rapper, singer, and actor. He is the founder of a media company, a clothing line for men, and a record label (Viral Media Group, RFG, and Fast Cash Records, respectively).

Together, both couples are blessed with four beautiful children named Lauryn, Isaiah, Joshua, and Amoura, the youngest of her four kids. At the moment, we are yet to get details about their respective ages.

The duo often shares beautiful moments on social media, giving their fans and followers a glimpse into their love lives.

On June 15th, Briana took to Instagram and wrote, “Happy Birthday, babe. I’m so glad I was able to make your day as special as you are to me.”

Age, Height, and More 

Briana Hampton shares almost the same birth date as her husband, Robert. She is a 36-year-old woman who stands gracefully at an impressive height of 5 feet, 6 inches (1.69 meters, approx.). In addition, she has black eyes with brown hair, which completes her light brown skin.

Information about her body measurements, including her bra size, chest, waist, hip, shoe, and cloth size, is not yet publicly available. 

However, we’ll try as much as possible to update this section as soon as we find the details.

As for her ethnicity and zodiac sign, she is an African American and is a Cancer by sign. So far, here is everything we could cover about the personal details of Briana Hampton, a.k.a. Mrs. LaTruth.

Briana Hampton Net Worth

Currently, Briana Hampton net worth may be above $1 million. She has invested heavily in her career and business. Her involvement in the fashion and beauty sectors has helped her gain a reasonable level of recognition and wealth. 

Social Media Presence 

Briana Hampton has a strong social media presence, where she shares posts about herself and her family.

She uses her profile to spread positivity and inspire young women to achieve greatness. So far, on Instagram, she has an impressive 895K followers. 

Her account on Facebook boasts an incredible 3.2 million followers, with her account on TikTok having more than 1.2 million followers.

Mind you, Briana, a.k.a. Mrs. LaTruth, only has one account on each social media platform so be wary of impersonators and fake profiles.

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