Mayorkun Slams Nickie DaBarbie With #1Billion Lawsuit For Emotional Trauma And Defamation

Mayorkun Slams Nickie DaBarbie With #1Billion Lawsuit For Emotional Trauma And Defamation

Outstanding Nigerian singer and songwriter, Adewale Emmanuel aka Mayorkun, on Friday,  filed an N1billion lawsuit against popular TikToker, Precious Kingsley, aka Nickie DaBarbie.

Mayorkun Slams Nickie DaBarbie With #1Billion Lawsuit For Emotional Trauma And Defamation

It was earlier reported that Nickie DaBarbie accused Mayorkun and singer Skiibii of being ritualists and attempting to use her for ritual by feeding her with Dog shit, claiming that she escaped after an intense prayer.

In a video shared on her Instagram reels, Nickie DaBarbie narrated her ordeal, saying, “They will try hard to clear their names. I might die. I might not have much evidence. They will do everything to tarnish my name to save Skiibii. But at least you guys should believe me. I was invited for a boat cruise and since then, I haven’t gotten myself.

“I went there with no bad intentions…I was alone at home and was less busy and decided to go. I felt it was safe cause he’s a public figure, and we spoke for a while before I even accepted the boat cruise. It was never about money. I’m not a prostitute.”

Reacting to this accusation, Singer Mayorkun through his Legal team sued Nickie DaBarbie for “defamatory statements made against his character and reputation”.

The letter from Mayorkun’s Legal team, Monarchs & Stroud Legal Practitioners was signed by the firm’s Associate, Oluwagbemiga Ogunlade, and the Founding Partner, Kolawole Hassan, partly reads;

“Our client’s attention has been drawn to your online post in the early hours of the 19th day of April 2024 made via your Instagram wherein you categorically labeled our client as a ritualist and accused him alongside other individuals of bodily harm.

“First and foremost, our client denies all allegations made as they are baseless, bizarre, and untrue, we are also aware that our client has neither met with you privately nor had any personal dealings/ relationship with you which further buttresses our assertion that your statements are unfounded and frivolous.

“Your unscrupulous remarks against our client have undoubtedly caused him financial loss and emotional trauma and have also greatly interfered with his reputation and good standing in the eyes of any right-thinking person in society.

“Your reckless and baseless accusations not only constitute defamation but also violate the rights of our client under Nigerian Law, We remind you that defamation is an extremely serious offense attracting dire consequences that are tortious and in contravention of the Criminal Code Act which criminalizes the publication of a matter likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing them to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or likely to damage any person in their profession or trade by injury to their reputation.”

In simple terms, Mayorkun asked Nickie DaBarbie to delete the offensive post down on all her social media accounts within 24 hours, make a video and written apology which will be published in two national dailies as well, and desist further defamatory comments toward him, and also to pay a sum of nothing less than N1 billion to him for the emotional trauma.

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