May Edochie: Your Apology Will Be Accepted In Kirikiri – Sierra Leone Based Comedian

May Edochie: Your Apology Will Be Accepted In Kirikiri – Sierra Leone Based Comedian, Agozi Samuel Apologized To AY After False Accusation

A Nigerian comedian, Agozi Samuel popularly known as Agozi Comedy has tendered a  public apology to comedian AY Makun after he made serious allegations against him on Facebook.

Agozi Samuel who is currently based in Sierra Leone accused comedian AY of having an affair with Yul Edochie’s estranged wife, May, which led to their marital issues.

In his words; “You slept with May. Because of you, Yul Edochie and his wife separated because you’re having an affair with Yul Edochie wife which is May. The general public did not know what is happening even the Court case that is going on the general public did not know.”

‘’I told you on 31st night that in this 2024, I will be the one to bring you down for you to bring down in 2024. For you to bring down a home that lasted for many years, you made them separated, you made the wife live different and the husband. What are you looking for in somebody’s wife that your wife does not have? “Your plan now is to go and marry May. I know all your plans, you want to go and marry May. You think I don’t know?”

This is what really happened. AY slept with May Edochie, that was why Yul Edochie and May Edochie are not together today.”

Responding to these accusations, Comedian AY Makun called Agozi’s accusations “false, untrue, and baseless.” Also, Ayo Makun through legal counsel, requested that Agozi be immediately investigated and apprehended by the state police command due to proof of him defaming, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying the comedian.

In current development, Agozi Samuel publicly apologizes to AY Makun, claiming that his remarks on the famous Nigerian comedian were fabrications made solely to gain influence.

Hear his apology in the video below;

See reactions below:

owotope77: U go popular well well wen u reach prison.

officialarole: Can you just imagine. We must take cyber bullying seriously .

sabitalk1: Your apologies will be accepted after when go don spend like 20 years in kirikiri, werey omo igbo, you wanna popular Abi? .

sir_efex: The clout will be louder inside prison…. – Irritants.

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