Jake Flint Net Worth, Career, Source of Income and Bio

Before Death, Jake Flint was a known country music singer. He was a native of Oklahoma, where he started his musical journey with the Red Dirt subgenre of country music.

His father’s role cannot be overlooked in his musical journey, he sought his friend’s help to teach Jake the basic musical instrument, the guitar when he was diagnosed with ALS.

This blog post delves into Jake Flint’s tremendous success in his career and finances as a major contributor to his net worth. To learn more about his career, source of income, relationships, and wealth, continue reading!

Profile Summary

  • Name: Ole Jacob Flint
  • Date of Birth: 16th May, 1985
  • Place of Birth: Holdenville, South Eastern Oklahoma, United States
  • Date of Death: 26th November 2022.
  • Nationality: American
  • Death Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Net worth: 3 million USD
Photo Credit: @jakeflintmusic: Instagram

Early Life and Education

Jake Flint was born on 16th May 1985 in Mounds, Oklahoma. His father was a lover of many Red Dirt artists although he was a wildcat oilman by profession.

Following his father’s love for music, he instilled in Jake a love of music while growing up.

When Jake’s father got diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), music became more serious for Jake.

Jake Flint mentioned that he graduated from Tulsa welding in 2005 but he did not reveal any specific details about his other levels of education.

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Jake Flint’s passion for music had driven him into the spotlight as a successful musician. His father, Douglas, J. Flint, instilled a love of music in him at an early age.

Throughout his career, he released several soul-lifting songs like “Long Road Back Home”, “The Fly Song” “His Daughter” and “Who is Better”. And several others.

Aside from his musical interest, he made it known that he was a petroleum engineer. P

Before his death, he owned a small independent oil and gas industry.

Source of Income

Jake Flint’s income can be traced down to his multifaceted career, which includes: his small oil and gas company, music, singing, and live performances.

He exhibited his determination, entrepreneurship spirit, and passion throughout his lifetime via his hard work.


Jake Flint did not keep his relationship life personal, he had shared in detail that he was in a romantic relationship with a lady named Brenda Wilson, whom he had continuously praised for being supportive.

Both shared beautiful pictures on their social media accounts giving their followers a glimpse of their beautiful bond.

Jake and Brenda celebrated their engagement ceremony on January 18th, 2022. Well-wishers and loved ones were available to cheer and celebrate with them.

As expected, on 26th November 2022, they sealed their love by giving their vows with blessings from friends and family simultaneously.

Cause of Death

Unfortunately, hours after his wedding with Brenda, Jake Flint died on 26th November 2022 in his sleep, leaving behind his newly wedded bride.

His shocking demise left his fans and family in awe, sadness, and disbelief. Presently, the cause of his death has not been publicly known.

Brenda had shared how agonizing it was on her Facebook account, she had stated that ” instead of cherishing our wedding photos, I find myself selecting clothes to lay my husband to rest”.

She also furthered it by saying “The intensity of this anguish is beyond what any person should bear. With my heart shattered, I long for his return. I can’t endure much more: I need him here beside me”.

Jake Flint Net Worth

Jake Flint’s career success has translated into significant financial prosperity. As of the latest estimates in 2023, his net worth is estimated to be in the range of $50 million to $60 million.

This substantial wealth reflects his entrepreneurial ventures, strategic investments, and his continued dedication to technological innovation.

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