Angela Chao Net Worth

Angela Chao Net Worth, Source of Income and Bio

Angela Chao Biography

Angela Chao, born in March 1973, was an American businesswoman and philanthropist who left an indelible mark on the world of international shipping and transportation.

Angela Chao Net Worth


Full name: Angela Chao

Date of birth: March 1973

Age: 50 Years

Gender: Female

Place of birth: Syosset, New York

Profession: Businesswoman

Parents: James S. C. Chao (father), Ruth Mulan Chu Chao (mother)

No. of Siblings: 6

Spouse: Bruce Wasserstein (January 2009), Jim Breyer (2012)

No. of Children: 1

Net worth: $100 million

Early Life & Education

Born and raised in Syosset, New York, Angela was the youngest of six sisters in a family of Chinese American heritage. Her parents, James S. C. Chao and Ruth Mulan Chu Chao, were born in China and fled to Taiwan in 1949 due to the Chinese Civil War. They later moved to the United States, where they instilled in their daughters the values of education, hard work, and perseverance.

Angela’s interest in shipping began at a young age. At just nine years old, she would accompany her father, the founder of Foremost Group, on ship visits, exploring the vessels from the inside out. This early exposure to the industry sparked a lifelong passion that would shape her career.

Angela’s academic pursuits were as impressive as her early professional experiences. She attended Harvard University for her undergraduate degree, which she completed in three years, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in economics in 1994. She then went on to receive her MBA from Harvard Business School.


Angela Chao worked in mergers and acquisitions at Smith Barney, now a part of Morgan Stanley, before joining the family business, Foremost Group, in 1996. She succeeded her father as CEO in 2018.

Under Angela’s leadership, Foremost Group, a global shipping and transportation company, thrived. The company operates a global fleet of bulk carriers, and Angela was particularly interested in adding more environmentally sustainable vessels that can burn alternative fuels to the company’s roster. Her leadership and vision played a crucial role in the company’s success and growth.

In addition to her role at Foremost Group, Angela held several prestigious positions throughout her career. She was a member of the board of the Bank of China, a vice chair of the Council of China’s Foreign Trade, and a director of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation. She was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Angela Chao Net Worth

Personal Life

Angela Chao married Bruce Wasserstein in January 2009, but he passed away later that year. She later married Jim Breyer in 2012. Angela and Jim had a son together, and at the time of her death, their son was three years old.

Angela and her family moved to Austin, Texas, during the COVID-19 pandemic. They bought a mansion in downtown Austin and a ranch in Johnson City. They had previously split their time between New York City and San Francisco, but before their son was born, they decided to raise him in Austin.

Cause of Death

Tragically, Angela’s life was cut short on February 11, 2024, when she died in a car accident on her private ranch in Johnson City. She was 50 years old.

Net Worth & Source Of Income

Angela Chao’s net worth was estimated to be $100 million at the time of her death. Her wealth was largely derived from her successful career in the shipping industry, particularly her role as CEO of Foremost Group.

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